New editions by Megas Seirios Publications

The collection of poems titled “I will be here” by Paraskevi Kostopetrou.

Reviewed and introduced by the poet/painter Ms Leta Koutsohera whose comments about the book include some of the following:

“She presents beautifully with lyrical touches an aesthetic poetic vision of her own, through a bleeding innocence, away from ‘clever’ gimmicks of new things. She is letting herself into the genuine, calm, simple poetic narration, with the genuine metal of her poetic voice…

Purity and innocence (the creative – the sacred); two elements that define her poetry…

With simplicity and wisdom she interferes with issues relating to matter and spirit; the soul and body…

We wish her to continue her work, as she has to give so much more…”

“Who am I? Where do I come from, and where am I going? Am I like other people, or am I different? Why did I come into this world? Why is life structured the way it is on Earth? Why are human relationships so difficult?”

These and other, similar questions form the basis of the thinking of the hero of the book, who examines philosophical concerns through the prism of science.

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