Our group on: “The Golden Ratio φ, the Fibonacci Sequence and their applications”

In our group on “The Golden Ration φ, the Fibonacci Sequence and their applications’’ we talked of the golden proportion, which is the number φ (Phi), the golden rectangle and also the golden spiral and saw how they are made. Later on, we referred to the Fibonacci Sequence, how it was discovered and what is its relation to the number Phi.

We watched how nature uses them in its creations from the formation of galaxies to the creation of plants, animals and also the human being. Man, in his turn, imitates nature and makes use of the golden ratio and the golden spiral to create his own constructions in order to have harmony and balance.

Finally, we talked about the meaning of beauty and harmony and how scientists relate them to the golden ratio; and, the existence of the golden ration and other mathematical proportions in the formation of the Universe.

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