The Teaching

Spiritual Healing in our Life

Become a healer of yourself!


Every day we do so many things. We like some of them but some others make us tired.

We have hundreds of thoughts in our minds that, at times, satisfy us but, at other times, make us feel concerned.

We feel so many emotions that we are either enthusiastic or disappointed.

Are we always going to live with these antitheses?

Are we able to change this situation?

It’s simple… Just like life itself is simple, just like truth is simple, just like humans that are simple as well. Because…

Energy follows thought!

Have you ever realized the power of a song sung with love?

Or how revitalizing a conversation is, when made with a true interest in the other person?

Have you ever wondered about the relaxed state you enjoy after a walk in nature, when you have let the sunlight flood you?

Or the joy that comes with the positive thoughts for yourself or for someone else?

This is Spiritual Healing in our Life!

It is becoming spiritual healers of both ourselves and others through simple everyday things, by living and experiencing everything.

It is being able to change our mood, to turn away fatigue, stress and weakness, to find solutions and answers to problems that concern us and, ultimately, to cure every “weak” aspect along with the physical diseases that may afflict us.

How can this be achieved?

When we take a deep look within ourselves and see that we are not only our body, thoughts and feelings. We are something above and beyond these. Everybody’s nature is spiritual. It is this we should discover, it is this we must believe in and, then, our Entity will perform the miracle!

Just a theory? Certainly not! To us it is a simple action!

Knowledge of the Self is achieved:

    • By observing our self in all of its manifestations. Gradually, our hidden power and the ways to express it are revealed. We learn to think positively and act vigorously every single moment.
    • By relaxation and meditation. We are taught how to calm down our body, our emotions and our thoughts. The results are relaxation and optimism. Thoughts become clearer; emotions are balanced and stop invading us uncontrolled. In this situation of serenity we can focus our minds on anything we wish and deepen into our entity.
    • By selfless service to other people. The more we realize that there is a common nature to all people -the spiritual nature- the more we understand that we and the others are one. As we give generously what is needed each time, we offer help both to the others and to ourselves, since this way any restriction that torments us breaks.

This is what we learn in the Servers’ Society that leads us to well-being: it is the absolute interest towards everyone and everything, which teaches us to admire life!

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