L'opera e gli insegnamenti di Omilos Got pubblicati nella rivista 'una praticanti nel Regno Unito

Thresholds magazine summer issue ‘13 dedicated the special focus entry on an article describing the spiritual teaching of Omilos, including its presence in the UK up to date, through the presentations at conferences and the recently formed personal development group that meets regularly in London.

The article is titled ‘Spirituality: un modo di vivere, a way to heal’, echoing the theme of the day-conference that took place in London in October 2012, was authored by Dr. Fevronia Christodoulidi, psychotherapist currently working in the UK and Omilos member for several years.

The author shares her own experience of being involved in the Society’s work as well as the helpful impact this has had both in terms of dealing with personal issues as well as in her professional practice and matters that relate to psychotherapy debates; her writing is introducing the audience to the basic principles of this spiritual approach to life as well as the activities that are offered free of charge and unselfishly since the society was originally founded.

More specifically, the article focuses on presenting the Society’s teaching as a practical philosophy that offers a synthesis approach towards various schools of thought in the fields of science, religions and the arts and it is applicable to all aspects of daily living. Once can recognise that the acknowledgement and revelation of the essence that exists in everything, as taught at the Servers’ Society, is a lifestyle that when acquired, leads to a sense of fulfillment and happiness.

You can read the full article ecco.

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