• “To our dear Omilos family…

Participating in the 2012 Omilos Eksipiretition seminar gave us, quite earnestly, a whole new outlook on life. We felt hope for the first time in a long time. We found a reason to love and to believe again; to believe in the intrinsic good of people and to have faith that this potential for goodness can be brought out and embraced. We realised that in every day life we have tried to bury or resist so many thoughts and emotions – be it at work, with our families or in our relationships – and just how out of touch and alienated from our natures this had made us.

It was refreshing to meet people in this world who unconditionally help and serve others – not for their own gain but out of love for their fellow kind. Experiencing this sense of unconditional love was beautiful and made us feel so passionate about spreading this message and life philosophy. Accepting others and always staying in the flow made us feel suddenly awoken from the strife present in humanity and these ideas we were introduced to at the seminar were truly like a breath of fresh air. Although it is challenging to always remain in the ‘flow’, we remind ourselves of the topics discussed at the seminar all of the time and this is really helping us maintain a positive attitude.

We felt like we filled up on a large supply of love – one that has illuminated a lot of the doubts, fears and anxiousness in our minds and our daily lives, helping us to approach tackling these much more rationally, peacefully and constructively. We found a reason to leave behind stored bitterness and smile again. A reason to embrace the positive in life. For as long as this philosophy lives, hope too will live.

Lots of love,”

S. G., preschool teacher and social worker, Austria

E. A., student of Political Science and Philosophy, England

for their participation in our international seminar in Korfos, Korinthia, Greece (July 2012)

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