International Summer Seminar in Korfos, Korinth, Yunanistan (Ağustos 2013)

‘The art of spiritual living’ 

This year’s international seminar had as its focus the art of spiritual living, the continuous miracle in everyday life!

It was for four days that we gathered together in picturesque Korfos village, right next to the seaside. There were various attendees from both Greece and abroad.

Through several experiential exercises (such as analyses sessions, relaxation sessions, nidra yoga practice, a group exploring the spiritual dimension in music, poetry and the arts), as well as through spending time together as a whole group, we had the opportunity to relax, rejuvenate and experience what it means to live in a union flow with life and those around us.

As part of the seminar’s programme, we performed a poetry night at the open theatre of Sofiko, where the poetic work of Dimitris Kakalidis The Hidden Lotus of Revelationwas recited and the chorodromena of Omilos where presented. A farewell party that we held by the sea completed this beautiful evening.

We would like to thank all those that attended our international summer seminar! We are looking forward to hosting you again next year!

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