Tragedy is, o zaman,…” Antik Yunan Tiyatrosu kökeni ve evrimi – 28/04/2014

In a period where both theatre and city of Athens reached the maximum of their prime, the three great Tragic Poets Aeschylos, Sofokles and Evripides marked with their works the history of the Ancient Greek Theatre.

FromPrometheus Bound” to “Oedipus the Kingand fromHecuba” and “veea” to “The Persians”, “Antigone” and “The Bacchaethe three Greek tragic poets composed tragedies that elevate man and guide him in greater knowledge of the Self.

What do all these have to do with us today? And, eventually, how do they reach our time united with our breath, tradition and pulse?

Join us to watch works of poets that remained in history of all times!

9 Sarantaporou str., Atina

olarak: +30 210 2015194, +30 210 2230864



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