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Presenting the “Kakalidis method” for poetry and literature analysis on a world stage For the first time, on an international level, we will present the “Kakalidis method” for the analysis of poems and short stories. The presentation will take place at the 7th International Conference on Literature which is organized...
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Χαλάρωση – 16/12/2013

Χαλάρωση – 16/12/2013 It was on 16th December 2013 that we gathered again for an inspiring session, focusing on the analysis of a short story as given in the bookThe Wisdom of the Narrativeby D. Kakalidis. Те приняли участие имели возможность познакомиться с ...
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Our group on the new theories of physics “Birth and Death of Stars” After wandering in the microcosm of quantum physics we set course for a new journey in the macrocosm of stars. We took a glimpse on how the stars are born out of stardust and gas. We observed...
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