Expression and creativity group for teenagers

I learn about myself, I express who I am and create within the group

We are starting a new group in acknowledgement of the need for young people to express themselves, their creativity and balance their emotions (especially in the difficult times we live).

The group begins on Saturday 8 December at 17:00-19:00 and will include amongst others:

  • Basic elements of self knowledge
  • 緩和
  • Self observation
  • Participation and interaction within the group
  • Development of social skills
  • Creative expression
  • Dromen (role-playing)
  • Chorodromena

The group led by a psychologist with many years of experience in applying spirituality in everyday life.

The group will take place twice a month on Saturdays17:00-19:00.

Parents can make use of our beautiful court yard by drinking coffee and relaxing whilst waiting for their children.

For more information:

τηλ. 210 2015194, 210 2230864, 6942291660

All of the above contributed to make the work of spiritual healing known to the world and as a result many people from abroad are already seeking help from our Spiritual Healing Section:


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