Our Group on Ancient Greek Theatre – Part 4: the Society’s teaching travelled to international scientific conferences while members of the Society participated in world contests of poetry and literature

Life, that is literally everything being in absolute receptivity and in absolute harmony and union, is the Entity.

So Life is full of symbols as the Essence hides within every person, thing, every situation or incident. And it waits for Man to see it, acknowledge it and make it come to light; thus coming to the point to see, acknowledge and express the Essence of his own self. Because everything is an expression of the spiritual field.

Through this approach, we learn in Omilos to deepen into poetry, letteratura, science, art; and it is through this approach that we also had the last group on ancient Greek theatre (as with all other groups on “Cultural Mondays” too).

“Prometheus Bound” by Aeschylus was the starting point to delve into the deep meanings that the poet conveys concerning the human being. We tried to see beyond appearances, beyond symbols, and reveal the essence, which –well hidden in the theatrical play- waits to unfold so that it vibrates people’s souls bringing “catharsis”.

What does the poet convey about the human being, its ontological nature and its expression? And how does the Entity, Life itself, tend to the evolution of all its parts, therefore for Man’s as well? And how does Man utilize the means given by the Masters of humanity to promote his inner development? Will man take the inner position, like Hercules did (according to the myth Hercules set Prometheus free by breaking his chains), climb up Caucasus and liberate himself through acknowledging and expressing the Self?

These are only some of the questions we discussed about. These questions in turn became new incentives not only for thought but mainly for taking an inner stance and action in our lives.

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