Our new groups!

Art, Science, Религия, Philosophy.

How different these subjects seem and yet they share the same aim; to approach and reveal the essence of man, nature and the world.

They come to teach us the common nature of things, because, through them the spirit is expressed in every moment.

For this reason we study and work to know, experience, and put into action the very essence of man and life.

And so we begin two new groups with the same objectives as highlighted above.

  • History of Art,
    begins on Monday 11/02/2013, в 21:30.

The group will be held once a month and will include a narration of the history of humanity and the world through the magic of art.

  • Exploring Psychology: scientific approaches about the human Entity,
    begins on Monday 18/02/2013, в 21:30.

The group will take place once a month by members of Omilos who are psychologists and have vast clinical experience. The basic concepts and schools of psychology will be presented while contemporary issues such as anxiety, depression, addiction, и т.н.. will be examined.

Both groups are open to everyone!

Сподели това

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