What is our true nature?
How can we be truly happy both in our everyday life and our relationships?
Can we always be well? And how can we make this happen?
In the seminars that we organize in various locations throughout Greece on “Spiritual Healing in our Life”, we give answers to all these questions and more.
Through various activities and experiential groups we go deeper into the meaning of spirituality; we rest; and we relax.
These seminars are held on a regular basis.

International summer seminar in Korfos (August 2013)

International Summer Seminar in Korfos, Korinth, Greece (August 2013) ‘The art of spiritual living’  This year’s international seminar had as its focus the art of spiritual living, the continuous miracle in everyday life! It was for four days that we gathered together in picturesque Korfos village, right next to the...
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International seminar at Korfos, Korinthia (July 2012)

International seminar at Korfos, Korinthia (July 2012) We gathered at beautiful Korfos, Korinthia for our international seminar titled: “Spiritual Healing: The Art of Spiritual Living” It was our pleasure to have at this year’s summer seminar mental health scientists, teachers, students, lawyers and poets, some of whom were from England,...
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Seminar in Korfos, Korinthia (August 2011)

Seminar in Korfos, Korinthia (August 2011) Our ninth seminar was held in the fascinating Korfos of Korinthia on 24-28 August 2011 and its main subject was “Spirituality in everyday life: discovering a new dimension of healing and well-being”. In these five days of the seminar many discussions, analysis and experiential...
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Seminar in Vrahati, Korinthia (April 2011)

Seminar in Vrahati, Korinthia (April 2011) The 8th seminar of Omilos Eksipiretiton was successfully held on 29 April – 1 May 2011, in Vrahati, Korinthia. The seminar’s theme was “Spiritual Healing in our Life: Chorodromena – acting through dance”. A text in regards to the body, written by the Master,...
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Seminar in Vitina, Arcadia (December 2010)

Seminar in Vitina, Arcadia (December 2010) The 7th seminar ran by Omilos took place in Vitina, Arcadia, on the 3rd to 5th December 2010. The topic was “Spiritual Healing in our Life”. The seminar subject was developed through reading and analyzing a text written by the founder of Omilos, Dimitris...
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