Relaxation Group, as taught in Omilos, at the University of Cardiff, Wales

A relaxation group, as taught in Omilos Eksipiretiton (the Server’s Society) is delivered at Cardiff University, as part of the workshops programme at the Counselling Service, Student Support Centre.

One of the Society’s members, Dr. Fevronia Christodoulidi who is employed at Cardiff University as Counsellor/Psychotherapist for students and staff members has launched this group during the academic year just completed.

The group has been well-received and well-attended by students of all levels and academic disciplines.

Below is some of the feedback offered by group participants:


  • ‘…attending this group has helped me attend to my body, thoughts and feelings and learn to stay with the present moment’ – Helen S., Architecture student

  • ‘I feel less anxious, I want to practise relaxation during exam period when am usually mostly stressed out’ – James R., Medical student

  • ‘joining this group has been very helpful. I learnt how to calm my anxiety in a simple way. All I need to do now is some practice so that it can become part of my daily routine’ – Rebecca S., PhD Student


The group is advertised on the web as follows:

Relaxation Workshop

  • Relax

  • Heighten your Energy and Awareness

  • Manage Stress Effectively

  • Strengthen your relationship with self & others


Where: The Counselling Service, 50 Park Place


This group is open to all undergraduate and postgraduate students. You can attend one or both sessions – each session will last for 45 minutes.

This group will introduce participants to a way of relaxing and becoming attuned with both the physical presence and the inner self. We will use the body and breathing as a focus to learn to engage more fully with the here-and-now and shift our presence from doing to being. Through becoming attentive observers of body sensations, thoughts, feelings and behaviour, we are able to release any tensions and practise acceptance rather than either becoming attached to experiences or avoid them. Hence, we manage to handle situations from a place of balance and calmness, rather than surrendering our power to anxiety or fear. By learning to experience this state in a group and through regular practice, you may discover the benefits it can bring during both demanding periods and at moments of enjoying daily life.

Please wear comfortable and layered clothing. If possible, please also bring a cushion and/or a light blanket with you. This workshop is based on the relaxation techniques as taught and delivered at the Servers’ Society (‘Omilos Eksipiretiton’).

To book a place, please complete our online workshop application form

This Workshop will be facilitated by Fenia Christodoulidi

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