Our day-conference, “Spirituality: a way to live, a way to heal”, ends with great success

“Everything you say has a lot of meaning to me. This is what I was looking for. I am excited and I want to learn more. I did well to come.”, said P.W., author.

These were the words one of the participants used to describe his first impressions at the beginning of the conference held on October 13th at the Arcola Theatre, London.

The work and the basic principles of the Society’s philosophy were presented by the Heads of the Society. They spoke of their thirty-year personal experience, about how they have put in practice these principles in their lives and how everyone can be well in mind, body and spirit by putting them in practice in their daily lives too.

“You did not come here as the leading experts who have power over the audience nor are you dogmatic. I can see that you are people who came here to show us and guide us how to be well. This gives me great freedom as I can follow my own path.”, said D.G.

S.G. who participated in our international seminar in Greece this summer told us, “I am so glad to see you again! I talk about you every day to my husband and daughter. I feel again the flow of Omilos in me and I feel that my thoughts and emotions are settled.”

“I am so excited you cαme! We were eagerly expecting you!”, another participant said while hugging us.

People of all ages and backgrounds participated: such as academics, educators, mental health scientists, art therapists, artists, philologists, students. We also had people who came all the way from Austria and Ireland just to attend the conference.

Everybody was actively involved and many thoughts and impressions were expressed through questions and personal experiences. Conversations spilled over into tea breaks as well and soon we became a group sharing questions, ideas, feelings and impressions with each other.

One of the attendees made a distinctive remark, “I was thinking of something and before I had the chance to utter it, you answered it, and –imagine this- I thought I heard it in my mother tongue, which is Spanish!”

“You are indeed like a big family!”, said E.C., impressed by the absolute interest and selflessness evident in the members of the Society. “I want so much to come to Athens to meet you.”

Everyone was very uplifted by the end of the conference. Many stayed back after the event to share their impressions and experiences but also to discuss about personal matters with the Heads of the Society or ask for spiritual healing. Nobody seemed to care about time and there was no weariness, only great joy and mood for more talking.

There was a warm atmosphere and most people expressing the wish to keep in contact with us, so they could find out how they could begin learning and applying the teaching.

“What will we do when you leave? From where can we start?”, was everybody’s question.

Some proposals for further contact through more conferences and seminars were raised but also for something more regular such as forming a self-study group in London, in which the Society’s teaching will be methodically given.

We exchanged warm goodbyes with everybody and gave the promise to meet again soon.

“I’ll go home now as I have so many things to ponder on! I want to put in practice everything”, said K.G., a Ph.D. Linguist

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