Our group on Ancient Greek Theatre – Part 3: The three great Tragic Poets

In this group we presented the life and work of the three great tragic poets Aeschylos, Sofokles and Evripides.

We deepened into the way they bring to light all human aspects so that they can be consciously acted on stage and how they call upon those watching to akcnowledge these aspects in themselves and unify them into the one ontological nature af all.

We gave examples of how the elements of the ancient greek tragedy exist in many expressions of everyday life, such as religious rituals, laments, but also opera and others forms of its revival.

Another expression of the Ancient Greek Tragedy we can find in contemporary greek poetry, for example the “Axion Estin” by the nobel awarded poet Odysseas Elytis. As the poet himself says it is a prayer in the form of a church ritual with alternations of reciting and singing, just like the great ancient tragedies.

Finally, we talked about the poetic work of the founder of Omilos, Dimitris Kakalidis, who has also composed a trilogy like the tragic poets used to do. It is a work with great spiritual value talking about spirit-matter-and the unification of the two.

Besides, in Omilos one of the ways through which we work on “know thyself” is poetry. We have presented poetic events, reciting this trilogy using the “dialogue” between the individual and the group, between the person and “chorus”. A discussion on the power of the Word in all its forms and especially when it is spoken with reference to the infinite human potential, completed this meeting of our group.

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