Day Conference by Omilos on October 13th in London

On October 13th a day conference will take place in Arcola Theater, London titled:

“Spirituality: a way to live, a way to heal”

The main speakers are the Heads of the Society, spiritual healers with 30 years of experience in the spiritual field. A group of spiritual healers, members of the Society are going to participate as well. The day conference is addressed to anyone who wishes to acquire self knowledge, to be introduced to a new way of approaching everyday life and to improve their lives in all aspects.

Arcola Theatre, 24 Ashwin Street Dalston, London

Below you can read the invitation to the day conference:

“I sought for myself” said Heraclitus, one of the greatest philosophers in ancient Greece, in 520 B.C., then gave away his royal rights as firstborn son to his brother and dedicated himself to philosophy. More current than ever is the meaning of his phrase nowadays, as we intensely seek for the knowledge of the world that surrounds us, yet we ignore the Knowledge of the Self, of our self.

As a result, our life has become complicated, stressful and relationships often add to the disappointment that there is no harmonious couple, there are no good human relationships.

Our Master, a contemporary philosopher, has brought – through a new scientific, holistic, panhuman way of thought – a teaching on the Art of Living.

Through self observation, deepening into the Self and practical implementation in our everyday life, we have worked for many years, step by step, on the aspects within ourselves, writing and filling dozens of folders with our essays and practicing relaxation and meditation on a daily basis, for every situation. We healed ourselves mostly from restrictions and we were led to the simplification of meanings and the realization of the spirituality of the world.

We invite you to be introduced to the Art of Living and Spiritual Healing, as it was taught to us and as we put it in practice every day in our life; to get to know each other and convey to you the treasures of “the thought and stance of the Higher Mind”.


Fee: £50.00

       £10.00 for the unemployed

  • An attendance certificate will be provided.

Information leaflet

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