Seminar in Vitina, Arcadia (December 2010)

The 7th seminar ran by Omilos took place in Vitina, Arcadia, on the 3rd to 5th December 2010. The topic was “Spiritual Healing in our Life”. The seminar subject was developed through reading and analyzing a text written by the founder of Omilos, Dimitris Kakalidis, as well as through various interactive and experiential groups.

Everything in our daily life is Spiritual Healing, provided that we are consciously positioned to think in a positive way, show our complete interest towards those in need and express more and more of our ontological self. In this way, our whole life changes and things flow harmoniously for us as well as for the others.

Dromena (a role-playing group) took place in order for all to understand these meanings and realize how easy and immediate their application can be implemented. By acting out everyday situations and difficulties, it was evident how these situations can be altered when we are differently positioned towards life.

A chorodromena group (movements that balance the forces and energies within us and surrounding us) offered to all the participants one more way of bringing joy, serenity and power within and around them.

There was also a daily meditative relaxation group, while the analysis of a movie and a poem showed the potential that we all have to be well, simply by watching a movie or reading a poem from a different perspective.

We warmly thank all those who attended the seminar.

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